The ocean waves

The pain was great, it was overwhelming and suffocating.  She found it hard to breathe.  She fought the pain with every muscle in her body and slowly her body began to shut down.  Her shoulders ached, her back ached and her legs felt almost paralysed.  She could barely move, she was immobilised with grief.

She fell into a deep sleep and dreamed she was walking along a beach.  The waves crashed on the shore, the power of the ocean was immense.  It stimulated all her senses.   Despite the majesty of the waves she was afraid.  She wanted to approach the sea and see and feel the glory of the ocean yet the power it held over her scared her.  Each time a wave rolled in towards her she turned and ran up the beach like a small child afraid.  She exhausted herself approaching and then running from the waves. As the sound of the ocean intensified she heard another sound.  A gentle voice letting her know that she was safe.  The still, small voice within her reassured her.  The quiet voice told her to not to be afraid to approach the waves, to trust that she would be safe and to dive in.  She was to resist no longer.  Giving herself over to the waves would stop the pain and the fear.  She stood on the water’s edge, tears coursing down her cheeks, she felt her body relax and release all fear and tension as she dived into the wave.

“And the time came when the pain of remaining tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom”.  Anais Nin


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