The Open Heart

I am the figurehead on the ship. I am Diana. I lean out proud and fierce into the weather. I am battered by the gale, by the storm that rages all around. I have been drenched by the high seas that have carried away my tears. The north wind that chills me to the core and numbs my senses has touched me too. I too have experienced the blistering heat beating down on me making me giddy.  I too have witnessed the subtle caresses of the gentle breeze on a summer evening. I too have gazed into the heavens as night falls and the stars shine down. I have felt the melancholy of each passing season.

Now is the time to open the heart. I release you from the anchor that has held you close to my side. There is no wind to fill your sails.  I fill my cheeks and blow out with all my strength so that I might fill your sails. Your sails are filled with my love, my gratitude, my hope. These are my gifts to you. May you set your sails to take you on your own adventure.


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